When training clients in the gym there is a limit on how much you can earn.

Because You Get Paid by the Hour… ⠀

NOT by the value you give them.

After building a 7-Figure online training business I'm breaking down exactly what I've tested and proven to work for me and my students

To do this you need these 3 Keys:

1️⃣ Marketing – This gets people to come to YOU.

2️⃣ Sales – Once you have them coming to your way, then you need to be able to close them without being ‘salesy'.

So Marketing + Sales= Income

But that's not all because you need the magic sauce that makes it all work…

3️⃣System – I've taught thousands of personal trainers this system and it gets their clients even better results than ‘in-person'.

Here's what happens in the gym…

Most Personal Trainers focus on the actual training with their clients.

But what gets neglected is the diet.

THIS is what you can do better online.

I have an exact automation process my clients follow that I give them.

The most important part is Accountability.

Even with 50 or 60 clients, all you need is 3-4 Hours a day total on their business!

Marketing + Sales + System = Freedom

This is where we automate almost every aspect of your business so you can work only 3-4 hours a day.

This entire, proven exact step-by-step system is revealed in my book “Online Trainer Secrets”…

Online Trainer Secrets