This is a true story.

I was out eating dinner with another fitness influencer who had more than twice my audience size (I’m about 3M followers online, he’s closer to 5).
We hit this fancy restaurant in NY called Ken’s Steakhouse after a bicep workout we filmed and were ready to feast for our macros.

I ordered the fattiest Keto Sirloin I could find on the menu along with some brussel sprouts and a 0 calorie grape soda (as my people are predisposed to doing).
But when it was time for my more famous and less black friend to order, he suddenly began playing a game of 20 questions with our waitress:

Wait, so how much would a side salad cost?

Okay, but if I get it without tomatoes?

Would it knock the price down?

How about the sliders, how much are they?

Okay and what if I got the sliders without cheese?

This literally went on for a good 5 minutes, as I began to nudge Brian with my leg under the table and mouthed over to him with a menu covering my face from our questioning friend “this mothaf**ker is broke!”

Brian silently nodded and we continued to pretend it wasn’t weird.

I say this all to say that being internet famous does NOT equate to wealth.

I know plenty of guys (like the dude from the steakhouse) who have huge social media followings who can’t afford a salad.

Likewise, I know guys with 0 social media who are cracking 8 figures this year.

So in the video I made below, I wanted to show you how to actually do both.

That is, crush it on social media while also making tons of bread in the fitness industry.

I made the video with my man Josef Rakich, both a social media celeb (over 3M fans on Facebook) and a 7 figure earner.

The video is called How to get Rich In The Fitness Industry and you can check it out below~

Fitness Business

Take the lessons we teach from the video to heart and you too can begin affording salads AND get 500 more likes on your dirty Instagram post.

You know the one.