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Torch Body Fat with Synephrine HCL (AKA Bitter Orange)

By Brandon Carter / a couple of days ago

There are so many fat loss products out there, each containing its own blend and concoction of ingredients supposedly proven to aid the body in fat loss. I’ve said it repeatedly and I’ll say it again even at the risk of sounding like a broken record: it’s all about the science. If there are legitimate […]


Green Coffee Bean Extract: It’s Coffee 2.0 in Pill Form

By Brandon Carter / a couple of days ago

What is it with America’s love obsession with coffee? It seems like more and more people these days can’t get on with their day without their morning cup of Joe. I’m the same way; the caffeine kick gives me just enough buzz to get my day started especially if I have a morning HIIT cardio […]


Raspberry Ketones: Nature’s Fountain of Youth

By Brandon Carter / a few days ago

Supplements are a controversial topic in the health and fitness niche. Some people swear by them while others believe they are nothing more than snake oil pushed by a multi-million dollar industry. Here’s my take: supplements can be useful IF the ingredients have been clinically studied under independent research. Raspberry ketones are among the handful […]


Boost Your Health With the Antioxidant Quercetin

By Brandon Carter / a few days ago

Working out and eating right isn’t just about building muscle and shredding fat. It’s also about staying healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally. This is why a diet should contain rich concentrations of whole fruits and vegetables, which contain loads of antioxidants. Quercetin is one such antioxidant, and science has shown that this is a flavonoid […]


Understanding Vasodilation and Its Role in Fat Loss

By Brandon Carter / 6 days ago

If you’ve ever picked up a bodybuilding magazine or supplement catalog, then I’m sure you’ve seen a few vasodilation supplements promoting insane muscle pumps during exercise. Achieving an awesome pump does indeed make you feel like you accomplished a kickass workout. However, there is so much more to vasodilation than just getting a pump.Vasodilation ExplainedVasodilation […]


Supplement with Creatine Monohydrate for Lean Muscle Gains

By Brandon Carter / last week

If you dabbled with performance supplements, then you are likely no stranger to creatine monohydrate and its many incarnations. Even if you have never taken creatine before, you have likely read some literature about it. While I believe people should naturally be skeptical when it comes to supplements, creatine is one product that I do […]


The Amazing Wonders of Black Pepper Fruit Extract

By Brandon Carter / last month

(Before we get started, just wanted you know that I thought black pepper fruit was something funny when I first heard about it. It’s not funny.) When it comes to fat loss, 95% of your results will come from exercising and dieting. Even so, it never hurts to turn to supplements to give yourself an […]


Why Caffeine Will Always Be the Greatest Natural Energy Booster

By Brandon Carter / a few months ago

Why is it that caffeine has become such a morning staple? Yes, some people actually drink coffee for the taste, but most people drink it for the energy boost to kick start their day. Caffeine really is as natural as it gets, and aside from getting you through that day in the office, it also […]


All About Betaine Anhydrous and Why You Need It

By Brandon Carter / 7 months ago

We included beta anhydrous in our Rebellion formula for a reason. Not just because it seemed like a good idea. We loved the science. Being the health nut that I am, I am always on the lookout for scientific breakthroughs that redefine the health industry. Of course, a lot of supplements out there these days […]


The Most Important Supplement For Muscle Building and Burning Fat

By Brandon Carter / 3 years ago

Everyday people ask me what supplements I take. They are always surprised when I tell them that them most important supplement is a basic multivitamin.   If  you’re not taking them now, you better change that immediately if you want to meet your fitness goals. I started taking a Multivitamin EVERYDAY about 10 years ago, and I […]

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