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How to Work Out at Home With Minimal Equipment and Get Killer Results

By Brandon Carter / a couple of months ago

You don’t need a membership to lose weight and build a great physique. Here is how you can workout from home and get amazing results…For some people, a gym membership is out of the question. That’s okay; You really don’t need a gym full of state-of-the-art equipment anyways.In this post, Ill show you how to work […]


Six Pack Abs for Women: How the Ladies can Achieve a Rock Hard Core

By Brandon Carter / a few months ago

There’s little else that’s sexier than women sporting six pack abs. For females trying to achieve a toned midsection, all the material covered in my previous posts apply. The basic principles of acquiring chiseled abs remain the same. This means using the latest ab machine promoted in those Saturday morning infomercials isn’t going to get […]


Six Pack Exercises to Do at Home (Besides Sit-Ups)

By Brandon Carter / a few months ago

As you have read in my previous posts, ripped abs cannot be obtained by doing endless repetitions of sit-ups and crunches. You have to lose the body fat around your midsection, and that is obtained through a combination of weight training, aerobics, and healthy dieting. Nevertheless, you should still make ab exercises a regular part […]


Furious Fat Burner 2 (Home HIIT Cardio Workout)

By carter / 8 months ago

CALORIE BURN:250-400MINUTES:15DIFFICULTY:5EQUIPMENT NEEDED:Yoga mat (optional)WORKOUT TYPE:Cardiovascular, Fat Burner, Abs, Full Body Supplements Used Buy Rebellion Buy Tea Rexx 12 Week Transformation! Workout DetailsWarm upRound 1:Spider Man Push upsMat JumpsHot FeetSquat to High KneesMountain ClimbersJump LungesRest 20 seconds between sets for Round 1Round 2:Spider Man Push upsMat JumpsHot FeetSquat to High KneesMountain ClimbersJump LungesHold plank position […]


Best Workout for Biceps: How to Achieve Baseball-Sized Upper Arms

By Brandon Carter / 4 years ago

What is the best workout for biceps? Common answers may include bicep curls, preacher curls, or prison curls. These exercises are all fine and dandy. However, for an exercise that really targets the biceps like no other, give hammer curls a try. Why Hammer Curls? The bicep is actually comprised of two separate muscles: the […]


Best Chest Workout Routine for Iron Pecs

By Brandon Carter / 4 years ago

The bench press is perhaps the most well known exercise performed by just about every gym rat.  The best chest workout routine should include bench presses in some variation or another. Why the Bench Press Rocks Bench presses are awesome for the simple reason that it’s a compound exercise that targets multiple secondary muscles, including […]


Kettlebell: Weight Loss and Muscle Gain Madness

By Brandon Carter / 4 years ago

Get yourself a kettlebell. Weight Loss and Muscle Gain should then be the least of your expectations. Because kettlebells kick some ass. There is no better way to burn fat and build muscle at the same time than kettlebell swings, snatches, and clean and jerks. These ballistic exercises work your body as one unit and require […]


Six Pack Exercises at Home

By Brandon Carter / 4 years ago

I don’t normally post other people’s workout videos on this site, but the chick in the videos below is kind of cute (I like skinny girls), plus she is using my FAVORITE piece of home workout equipment, “The Human Trainer”! . You can also check out this crazy home back workout in my video above. […]


How To Workout From Home With The Least Amount of Fitness Equipment

By Brandon Carter / 5 years ago

[youtube=] I hear a lot of people say that you cant get in shape by workout from home. I understand why they say that. They say it because they don’t know what the f*ck they are taking about. The truth is that you can get everything you NEED to workout at home for less the […]

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