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How to Lose Visceral Fat to Expose Your Washboard Abs

By Brandon Carter / yesterday

Who doesn’t want a firm, rock-hard midsection? To get your abs to show, you have to burn off the layers of unsightly fat; that’s a given. However, most people aren’t aware that not all fats are created equal. In fact, fat actually falls into two categories: visceral and subcutaneous. This article will focus on the […]


Torch Body Fat with Synephrine HCL (AKA Bitter Orange)

By Brandon Carter / a few days ago

There are so many fat loss products out there, each containing its own blend and concoction of ingredients supposedly proven to aid the body in fat loss. I’ve said it repeatedly and I’ll say it again even at the risk of sounding like a broken record: it’s all about the science. If there are legitimate […]


Maximize Body Thermogenesis for Accelerated Fat loss

By Brandon Carter / 5 days ago

Most of you know by now that I’m a straight shooter when it comes to fat loss. There are no shortcuts; you have to go through the weekly regimen of dieting, cardio, and strength training. Nevertheless, there are ways of speeding up the process. Before I go into further detail, it helps to understand the […]


Understanding Vasodilation and Its Role in Fat Loss

By Brandon Carter / 7 days ago

If you’ve ever picked up a bodybuilding magazine or supplement catalog, then I’m sure you’ve seen a few vasodilation supplements promoting insane muscle pumps during exercise. Achieving an awesome pump does indeed make you feel like you accomplished a kickass workout. However, there is so much more to vasodilation than just getting a pump.Vasodilation ExplainedVasodilation […]


How To Burn More Fat With This HIIT Workout Plan

By Brandon Carter / a couple of months ago

I hope the idea of an HIIT Workout Plan doesn’t scare you. What if I told you that you could burn more fat by doing less cardio? Well, with High Intensity Interval Training (also known as HIIT) you can do just that, burn more fat while spending less time in the gym. In this article […]


Can Body Fat Turn Into Muscle? Will Muscle Turn To fat?

By Brandon Carter / a couple of months ago

Everyday people ask me “Can I turn my body fat into muscle?” or “If I stop working out, will muscle turn to fat? The simple answer to both questions is NO!! Here are two of the most common fitness myths that refuses to go away. Here is the thing, Fat cells and Muscle cells are NOT […]


5 Tips to Lose Fat the Easy Way

By Brandon Carter / 3 years ago

Fat loss is actually quite simple. It’s really a matter of putting the ideas into practice and being consistent. Want to know how you can start melting off the inches in no time? Follow these top five tips to lose fat the easy way. 1. Eliminate Junk Food (Most of the Time) You may think this […]


Squats: The Ultimate Workout for Building Leg Muscle

By Brandon Carter / 3 years ago

In most gyms, the squat rack typically collects dust, often ditched in favor of the bicep curl machine or the bench press rack. It’s no surprise why so many people skip leg workouts. Even the ones that do work their legs often gravitate towards the leg extension or hamstring curl machine. Make no mistake, though, […]


How and What to Eat to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle

By Brandon Carter / 3 years ago

Whether you’re trying to bulk up or lose a few pounds, we need to abandon the concept of calorie restricting diets or three big meals a day. Contrary to popular belief, one of the best possible ways to lose fat or gain muscle  is to eat 6 -7 meals each spaced about 2-3 hours apart. […]


Can You Gain Muscle Mass & Lose Fat at the Same Time… HELL YEAH!

By Brandon Carter / 3 years ago

People always ask me if it’s possible to gain muscle mass and lose fat at the same time. In short, the answer is “HELL YEAH!.” The truth is that it would actually be hard not to burn fat while building muscle for two reasons: 1. The act of lifting weights burns both calories and fat 2. Your metabolism rises when your body […]

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